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Our Philosophy

At Dignity Surgical Clinic our core philosophy is that medical care should be the same for everyone all over the world. Being realistic we know that differences in economics would translate to differences in the ambience of the provision of healthcare. But the core treatment should be the same for any particular problem, both in terms of investigation and treatment, and should transcend geographic, social and financial divisions

Our objective

Our objective is to provide world class healthcare to our patients. At present, some centres in India have the capability to provide the same level of treatment delivered in developed countries at a lower cost. But as in many other countries there is no uniformity or standardisation in the provision of healthcare in India. Our aim is to provide the same level of care, following the same international guidelines by doctors with multinational training and expertise. We hope to provide consultations without the hassle of going to a hospital, in the convenience and privacy of our clinic in a patient friendly environment. Our approach is to explain the rationale of our treatment so that the patients are equal partners in their care. We will treat our patients with dignity and honesty.